20lb Sounds are a 3 piece rock band from Liverpool in the UK. Formed in mid 2010 the group consists of Dan on guitar and vocals, Gary on bass and Ross on the drums. We originally got together just to play a one-off gig but something clicked and we’ve written tons of original tunes, played many successful gigs, recorded an album and generally gotten involved all kinds of other shenanigans since.

We have no idea exactly how to describe our sound succinctly. It’s a mixture of all kinds of influences but the simplest phrase is “melodic rock”. Every tune is different and we get bored quickly so expect lots of short, sharp, catchy songs. Everything from hard rock and punk to stomping blues. That’s not very informative is it? Just listen to our music on Bandcamp and decide for yourself.

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You can email us: info@20lb.net

Photo by Alan Carr