rice-crispiesHello folks, I trust you’re all well? It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted the launch of our 20lb Kickstarter endeavour. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for your amazing support! We passed our original £250 target very quickly and as of this writing we’re up to £545. We can’t believe it. They may sound like modest sums but it really will allow us to make this album. The money will be spent on a digital multi-track recorder, microphones and other essentials. Knowing people want to hear the recordings is even more valuable.

I’ve been wracking my brain (it doesn’t take that long) to think of a way to make these pre-ordered albums different and special. We’ll be signing the physical copies and sending letters with them, but I wanted another way to make the pre-orders instantly distinguishable from normal copies. I starting thinking about cereal… I might have missed breakfast… yes, send a box of cereal with each album, that was it! Turns out that’s not a brilliant plan, after more thought I decided unique serial numbers for each pre-order would be best.

So here’s the grand idea. Use the order people pledged on Kickstarter to make unique serial numbers. That way we can say thank you to people, there’s a reason to pre-order the album, and who knows perhaps one day if we’re really lucky it’ll be collectable. Time will tell on that one. You could call it a limited edition version though I suppose. Perhaps we’ll have some different art work too.

So a big thank you if you’ve supported our enterprise already, and if you’d like a limited edition there’s still time. £5 for digital copies and £10 for physical. The campaign closes on December the 3rd.

We can’t wait to get cracking with recording over the winter :)


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